Privacy policy

Knifewear takes your privacy very seriously. We will never give away or sell your email address to anybody - we might not even tell ourselves. Similarly, any details you give us will be held only by Knifewear for the purpose of getting your mega-awesome new knife to you. If you give us your email address, we'll probably add you to our mailing list. But if you don't want to be on it, just let us know and we'll take you off right away.

If you use Twitter, and you say something cool or nice, to or about, @knifenerd or #knifewear we might just re-tweet it - and if we do, it will turn up on our website on our "latest Twitter feed". It won't be there for long.

Stats and Such
Knifewear collects some basic information about your visit to our website - We use Google Analytics and/or StatCounter to monitor how people are using this website. Both of these services use "cookies" and "IP Addresses" (you can google them if you like) as industry-standard methods of monitoring website usage. None of this information reveals anything personal about you - so don't worry. For example... we might know that Somebody from the Grande Prairie region spent a while looking at the gallery before spending time perusing the Masakage line of exquisite knives, we will know that they had a Mac, and that they used Safari as a browser. But we won't know where they live, or that their name is Bob Sookumchuck or their phone number, or that they like Piña Coladas. Statistics information is kept strictly to ourselves.
Sometimes people have a "Static IP Address" and they might name it after themselves, or it might have part of your name in it.. anyway, we don't really care, and we don't pay any attention if this happens.

Terms and Modifications to this Privacy Policy
Knifewear may make changes to this Privacy Policy from time to time at our sole discretion. We will post a revised version of the Privacy Policy that reflects such changes Right Here - and we'll draw your attention to it. Right now, we can't imagine what kind of changes we'd ever want to make. 

Contact Us
If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, the practices of this Website, or if you have any helpful suggestions on how we can improve what we do in this area, or if you want to exercise any of the rights that you are given under this Privacy Policy (such as opting out of the mailing list), you may contact us by sending a letter or email to:

Knifewear Warehouse
Bay 15, 6025 12 Street SE 
Calgary, Alberta
T2H 2K1