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Back to School

Alice Cooper lied. School's back, and it's time to get geared up! While some young cooks snag the pre-made knife kit provided by their culinary school, many young chefs opt to build their own knife bag to suit their needs and preferences. 

For anyone starting their career in the restaurant industry, our 7-piece and 18-piece bags are sturdy and reliable. Every chef needs some good knives, and a 240mm or 210mm gyuto is the perfect chef's knife to get started with. Pair that with a small paring knife, and you're well on the way to completing your kit!

There are a million little tools and accessories you can use, but all chefs agree that you need a honing rod to keep your knives sharp, some blade guards to protect your edges, a good vegetable peeler, a simple Microplane, and an ergonomic plating spoon. With these tools, you'll be ready for any task that school and work throw your way!

How to Build Your First Knife Kit