In the old world, people worked off of the land. Available resources shaped their diets, lifestyles and often their entire career. On a peninsula such as Spain, where seafood and pork are king in the culinary world, it’s no surprise that a knife-maker would emerge that crafts blades perfect for the preparation of both hog and fish. Arcos Hermanos S.A. have existed for nearly 300 years in various forms, and during that entire time has made some of the best knives for butchery that Spain has ever seen.


The brand officially began in 1745 with blacksmith Juan Arcos. Some of the blades forged by Senor Arcos are now found in the National Archeological Museum in Madrid. The craft continued through the family line until 1875, when Gregorio Arcos Aroca turned the small blacksmith forge into a fully mechanized production shop making high-quality Spanish blades. A hundred years down the road, his descendant Gregorio Arcos Villanueva began the expansion of Arcos into the International brand that it is today. From day one, the family has never stopped innovating.


Today, Arcos uses cutting-edge technology to craft a huge array of blades that suit many needs. They pride themselves in a commitment to renewable energy, recycled materials, minimal waste and following as many environmentally-friendly practices as possible. Arcos is truly committed to sustainability.

All deliveries are carbon neutral
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