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Master Blacksmith Masashi Yamamoto Visits Canada, Summer 2022

July 13, 2022 1 min read

Master Blacksmith Masashi Yamamoto Visits Canada, Summer 2022

Masashi Yamamoto is easily one of the best Japanese blacksmiths of our time, and since he struck out as an independant knife maker in 2014, we've been honoured to carry his knives. After his last visit to Canada, he's been itching to get back and meet the many amazing folks who own his knives, and we're thrilled to be hosting him again this summer for a full Canadian tour to celebrate the launch of his two new lines!

Masashi Yamamoto will be in each of our shops, engraving knives for customers from 12-4pm on the following days:

Ottawa - July 24
Calgary - July 26
Edmonton - July 28
Vancouver - July 30

If you have a knife from Masashi-san, you can swing by the shop to get it engraved or treat yourself to a brand-new blade the day of. He'll be engraving on a first-come, first-served basis so be sure to get there early!

You can learn more about the Masashi Kokuen and Kaijin lines here, or check out our profile on Masashi-san to learn his full story.

Check out Masashi-san's knives

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