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    June 11, 2024 2 min read

    Littledeer: Canadian Wooden Spoons that Last a Lifetime

    I’ve been accused of being a hippie more than once, thanks to my love of nature, growing food, and sustainability. For these reasons, I was instantly drawn to Littledeer. The heading on their website, “Handmade in Canada for over 30 years,” first captured my attention, and the more I learned about their company and the principles they follow, the more I knew that we chose the perfect folks to supply our latest collection of kitchen tools.

    If you were to build two perfect backstories for folks who handmade wooden spoons, you could not write better ones than those of Tom Littledeer and Sharon Wall. Tom was born on a farm, learning to grow food and build things from a young age. As an adult, he studied fluid dynamics and Pure and Applied Sciences, informing his ability to design and invent. Conversely, Sharon grew up designing and practicing photography before managing in both theatre and film. Both hold a strong connection to food and living in harmony with nature.

    Tom started off designing scoop-shaped canoe paddles in the 80s, but the miniature promotional paddles he crafted to promote them, as well as spoons gifted to friends and family, proved extremely popular. Littledeer officially launched with a small lineup in 1995, and they have since sold over one million of their handmade Canadian spoons and paddles.

    While a good backstory is one thing, how Littledeer operates is equally impressive. They manufacture their products from maple, known to be heat-resistant and long-lasting, and Littledeer spoons have been known to last decades with proper care. Longer-lasting tools mean less production and less waste, something we’re intimately familiar with at Knifewear. Sawdust and shaving from their production are used in their permaculture gardens and for mushroom-growing medium, which in turn feeds folks at Littledeer. They use sustainable practices wherever possible and generate more solar power than any other small business in Quebec. Much like us, they encourage sustainable working habits in a respectful, flexible, and compassionate workplace.

    Maddie's (from Knifewear Toronto) family spoons, well-loved for 25+ years.

    If it’s even possible to criticize Littledeer, the only area that gave me grief was their expansive product line! I get overwhelmed by choice, but lucky for me, our warehouse manager Tiffany has narrowed the selection to their most popular shapes, all of which are ambidextrous or come in right and left-hand options! These are my personal favourites from that selection:

    Littledeer Pot Scoop - €22,00

    The Pot Scoop is so much more than a humble wooden spoon - the flat side scrapes pot sides. The curve perfectly contacts a bowl's bottom. The sturdy handle and flat paddle make scraping, stirring, and beating batter a treat, while narrow enough to fit in a tomato paste can!

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    Littledeer Wok Paddle - €22,00

    This long flipper is a dream for stir-frying and sautéing while also excellent at stirring deep pots of sauce & preserves!

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    Littledeer Better Spreader - €15,00

    It's so much more than just a spreader - it gets under the lips of jam jars and perfectly smears everything from peanut butter to cream cheese. The Better Spreader is also a great first knife for kids and a handy tool for scraping out bowls!

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    Littledeer Serving Scoop - €26,00

    The oft-overlooked essential to a good dinner party - the serving spoon. Scoop & serve grains, taters, stews, salads, and dessert with the Littledeer Serving Scoop!

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    Nathan Gareau

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