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  • A New Challenger: Fujimoto Kurouchi-Forged!

    June 10, 2021 2 min read

    A New Challenger: Fujimoto Kurouchi-Forged!

    Fujimoto Knives is a favourite brand at Knifewear. Their knives are made by a team of expert craftspeople, each one a specialist in their own field, creating stunning blades at a super reasonable price. We are proud to launch the newest addition to the Fujimoto series: the Fujimoto Kurouchi-Forged.

    The new Fujimoto Kurouchi-Forged has it all: Top-notch performance, stunning good looks, and a fantastic feel in the hand!

    When designing this line, the goal was to create a knife that would be high-performance, but offer an affordable choice for young chefs, students, and anyone that just loves a good piece of high-carbon steel. The Kurouchi-Forged line from Fujimoto is exactly that: razor sharp carbon steel, stunning looks, at a crazy good price. The name comes from the rough, oxidized “kurouchi” finish left from forging. With a light, tapered blade and an oak handle made from a single piece of wood, this knife is nimble and precise but still packs a punch at prep time.

    The blade is white carbon #2 clad in high-carbon steel. With great cutting power comes great rust prevention responsibility: this is the perfect knife for anyone who is going to baby their new toy and doesn’t mind a patina building up over time. 

    White carbon steel is amazing stuff. It keeps a wicked edge for ages, sharpens beautifully, and builds a gorgeous patina as you use it.

    Lately we’ve been seeing more Japanese knife handles made from a single piece of wood, and we’re loving this design! Traditionally handles are made with a ornate collar where the tang enters the handle, and while we’re big fans of this design, we’re also excited to see something fresh and new.

    Functionally, this knife is a breeze to use. Right away it feels like a part of your hand. It’s light enough that you barely notice you’re holding it, while the ultra sharp blade is sturdy enough to breeze through veggies without hesitation. I snagged the demo from our office to test drive it before it launched, and I’ve been having a blast! In all honesty, I really don’t want to give it back… I’ll definitely be adding one to my collection.

    I've been testing this knife for a few weeks in preparation for its launch, and I reeeaaaally don't want to give the sample back.

    Upon launch we’re stocking the three most popular shapes — 210mm Gyuto, Santoku, and Nakiri — but the line will be filling out with a variety of different shapes later this year. The Fujimoto Kurouchi-Forged has been an instant hit with our staff, and we know you’ll love it too!