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    Kaginushi Konro Large BBQ Grill - BQ-17

    Due to their size, Konro Grills unfortunately are excluded from our free shipping offer.

    Lots of room on here for steaks, skewers, or anything else you want to grill, you'll have lots of room to keep the food coming fast. 8-12 people.

    About Konro Grills
    The Japanese word “konro” indicates any heat source used for cooking. A konro barbecue is a special kind of Japanese grill that is generally long and narrow enough that the yakitori skewers can rest on the walls of the box and not fall into the coals below. There are also wider versions to accommodate larger pieces of meat, like a ribeye steak. Konro Grills are also often paired with Binchotan charcoal, which you can read about here

    Is this the right Konro for you? Check out our guide here to find the right fit.


    • All Konro orders are shipping with UPS in Canada and DHL in USA.
    • Konro Grills unfortunately are excluded from our free shipping offer.
    Dimensions 70 cm(L) x 35 cm(W) x 21 cm(H)
    Weight 26 kg
    Made in Suzu, Ishikawa, Japan
    Brand Kaginushi Kogyo
    • Charcoal gives off carbon monoxide. Use it only where there is enough ventilation. Never use indoors.
    • The bottom of Konro will become extremely hot. Do not use it on carpets or tatami mats. Use only on a fireproof surface.
    • Do not move the Konro while using it.
    • Do not leave the Konro unattended while using it.
    • Do not leave children unattended with a hot Konro.
    • Make sure the fire is completely extinguished after use.
    • The metal parts will get hot. Use caution when handling.
    • The metal parts can be sharp and cause scrape or cuts. Be cautious when handling
    • Traditional Konros are ceramic. When dropped or banged, it can break. 
    • Metal Konros can rust, so don't leave them uncovered outdoors.
    • Never pour water into the Konro to put out the fire. This will cause the Konro to break.
    • Store in a weatherproof area, do not leave outdoors. Avoid extreme humidity.
    • Use the Konro on a flat and level surface.
    • If the Konro gets wet, it will not work as well as it should. Let the Konro dry completely before the next use.

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