ZDP189 Powdered Stainless Steel

ZDP-189 was developed by Hitachi Metals Ltd. and is a true next-generation powdered steel. It can be hardened to a dizzying 65-67 Rockwell. This gives you an extremely long-lived edge. With that extreme hardness, comes a knife that is also extremely hard to sharpen, for home sharpeners this steel may feel like Everest to get an edge on. 

ZDP-189 is not widely used by blacksmiths and knifemakers due to the special forging and heat-treatment requirements. This steel can also be found under the name MC66 when used by Zwilling. 

ZDP-189 contains 3% Carbon and 20% Chromium, the remaining make-up is a proprietary "KFC secret herbs and spices type" secret.

All deliveries are carbon neutral
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