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Moritaka Ishime

Moritaka Hamono was founded in 1293 and have been producing high quality blades for 31 generations. I think they know what they’re doing by now. Five generations ago the family made the switch to producing only Hocho (kitchen knives).The knives made by the Moritaka family have a real classiness and beauty. I have absolutely fallen in love with my Mega Nakiri. This series of knives are known for a thinness which translates to fantastic sharpness. This finish is known as Ishime, Rock Surface, and was not used on kitchen knives before this series. This series is exclusive to Knifewear.

Five generations ago, master bladesmith Chuzaemon Moritaka decided to change the direction and apply their forging expertise to kitchen knives (hocho) rather than swords. Since then Moritaka Hamono has been dedicatedly producing a large variety of hocho and edged tools for gardening, agriculture and forestry. Currently Moritaka produce Katana swords for the preservation of their traditions. Moritaka Cutlery have a history that stretches over 700 years. This knife is forged with skills and knowledge developed and accumulated generation by generation.

Steel Type Aogami #2 (Blue Carbon Steel) With Carbon Steel Cladding
Rockwell Hardness 62–63
Blacksmith Moritaka Hamono
Handle Wa (Japanese) Handle - Octagon Walnut Handle with Pakkawood Collar

A note about measurements: Handmade Japanese knives can vary in their dimensions, so these measurements are only an example.