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Miyabi Black

Miyabi knives stand out as real art in the manufactured knife world. Several years ago, Zwilling of Germany, realized that high performance Japanese steel was taking over the knife world. Like any savvy company, they did the practical thing and bought themselves two Japanese knife factories in Seki City, the mecca for knife producers.

Miyabi’s finest series of knives yet, Black is a new benchmark. Originally designed as a steel used in blades designed to cut rubber mats, MC66/ZDP189 has been taken from that role and adapted to kitchen knives. That makes it a challenge to sharpen, but once you get that edge, expect it to stay that way for a crazy long time. Miyabi knives are made with North American users in mind, they have given the knife a slightly convex grind for a stronger edge and and overall solid feel. In this particular blade, the steel has been layered 132 times to create an effect known as “Damascus”, which not only looks gorgeous, but also protects that crazy hard MC66/ZDP189 core. 

What really completes this knife’s look is the ‘D Shaped’ Black Maple handle with the mosaic pin, made to sit perfectly in your hand. This knife blew us away the first time we laid eyes on it, and it still does.

Steel Type ZDP189 Powder Stainless Steel with Stainless Steel Cladding
Brand Miyabi
Handle Hybrid Western/Japanese Handle - Black Maple with Metal Bolster