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Fujiwara Nashiji

People regularly gasp when they slice a tomato or potato with Fujiwara-san’s knives in the shop. The knives of Teruyasu Fujiwara are real darlings of Knifewear. These blades of his are remarkable. The quality of the sharpness is nearly unparalleled and the edge retention blows my mind. 

The finish of the steel on this series is called Nashiji because it looks and feels like the skin of the Asian pear. Another invention of Fujiwara-san has been copied time and time again. Imitation is the nest form of flattery ya’ know.

These knives are finished with a “D” shaped Japanese style blonde ho wood (magnolia) handle and black resin collar. This is the traditional Japanese handle. This type of handle creates a knife with overall lightness and a blade forward balance. I love a light knife as one does not become fatigued with heavy use and they are more precise.

The kanji on the knife blade藤原照康作reads “Fujiwara Teruyasu Saku” (Made by Teruyasu Fujiwara). 

Steel Type Shirogami #1 (White Carbon Steel) with Stainless Steel Cladding
Rockwell Hardness 62–64
Blacksmith Teruyasu Fujiwara
Handle Wa (Japanese) Handle - Oval Magnolia Wood Handle with Plastic Collar