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Fujimoto Hammer Tone

Fujimoto knives are all created by master crafts-people in the city of Sanjo. Each individual in the line of production focuses on a specific skill that they have been mastering for years. This efficient method means that Fujimoto knives are some of the most technically consistent, reliable, and affordable hand-crafted blades that you can buy. They have all of the benefits and romance of a hand-crafted knife, with the perfection of someone who has been mastering a single skill set for years, if not decades. 

The Hammer Tone is the rock-star of the Fujimoto line, with its striking good looks and sexy shine. This line took almost two years of collaboration and design to create, and we will be continuing to add more shapes as they come out of development.

The name "Hammer Tone" comes from the freshly forged look and the X-shaped hammer marks on the carbonized “kurouchi” surface. The octagonal walnut handle accents the blade’s look beautifully and fits perfectly into any size of hand. This handle gives the blade an overall light feeling and forward balance.

The core steel is SLD semi-stainless steel, which was originally designed by Hitachi for cutting other steels. It holds an edge as long as a carbon steel but is much easier to care for.

Steel Type SLD Semi-Stainless Steel with Stainless Steel Cladding
Rockwell Hardness 60–62
Brand Fujimoto
Handle Wa (Japanese) Handle - Octagon Walnut with Pakkawood Collar