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    Yamada Uchidashi Hammered Steel Chinese Round Bottom Wok

    Yamada Kogyosho, Y.K. was founded in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan in 1957. They are a family-owned small craft factory run over three generations. They are only folks making hammered woks in Japan. This round bottom wok is for those who looking for that extra authentic wok experience, who have a wok ring on hand - for most of us, a flat bottom wok is going to be a better option for conventional western stoves.

    Special Instructions for Yamada pans and Woks -
    Yamada pans and woks come unseasoned and are covered with an anti-rust protective coating. Before first use, make sure to heat the wok to burn off the coating and wash it with detergent when it gets cool. We recommend doing this outside or in a well-ventilated area.

    After the seasoning is removed, scrub them well and season them as per a standard carbon steel pan. Instructions are in the attached care-letter that comes with the pan or in the "pan care" tab above the description.

    Check out the full carbon steel pan care article and video here.

      Thickness 1.6mm
      Wok Depth - Medium 85mm
      Wok Depth - Large 92mm
      Country of Origin Japan


      Medium - 27cm weighs 1083g

      Large - 30cm weighs 1280g

      Brand Yamada Uchidashi

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