Naniwa Professional "Chosera" Stones

Naniwa Professional Stones are what they claim to be, for professionals; ideally a professional chef or knife sharpener but a professional wrestler could likely find something dull to sharpen. These stones are longer lasting, more wear resistant and faster cutting than any other Naniwa stone.

It helps to think of a stone as a chocolate chip cookie; the knife-sharpening abrasive particles are like chocolate chips suspended in the sweet dough. Most stones are like average cookies: a few chips, lots of dough… not these stones. A Naniwa Pro stone has so much chocolate crammed into it that you’d get diabetes after a couple bites. These stones are incredibly efficient because it has more abrasive available to sharpen your knives on.

This series is identical in composition to the Chosera line, but unlike those, it isn’t attached to a stand, making them more compact and easier to store/transport.