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Blacksmith’s Apprentice Wanted

April 29, 2016

Masashi Yamamoto will soon be looking for an English-speaking apprentice to train in the trade of making Japanese style blades. This apprentice should also be a native English speaker who can help him learn English. This will be a one to five year commitment, depending on the applicant’s previous experience...

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Springhammer excerpt: Hiroshi Kato

April 19, 2016

We interviewed Kato san for our movie Springhammer. He tells us what's great about working in Takefu village, his initial reluctance to become a blacksmith and why he's grateful to the younger blacksmiths he works with.     Kato makes  a number of lines of knives for us including the Masakage Kiri,...

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How Can I Stop My Carbon Steel Knife From Rusting?

March 24, 2016

Carbon steel knives can be a beautiful pain in the ass sometimes. They are usually sharper, a dream to sharpen, and have amazing edge retention. Unfortunately, they can rust if not given a little extra care.   After a while the steel will oxidize and react with the air and...

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March 04, 2016

Until very recently, most North American people didn’t know anything about Ramen, maybe just Ichibans or instant Ramen. Today, Ramen is the one of the most popular Japanese foods in North America and its popularity is growing. Ramen is soul food for the Japanese people. There are over 35 000...

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