Tamahagane San Micarta Knife Set

Build you own Tamahagane San Micarta knife set. Get just the shapes and sizes you need.

Also grab a honing rod with your set for 50% and keep your knives razor sharp.

About Tamahagane San Micarta -  Tamahagane is a knifemaker out of Tsubame Sanjo, known for creating high-quality blades at a very reasonable price. Their knives feature a modern, minimal aesthetic that will look good in any kitchen, making them perfect gifts. Chefs love them for their durability and ease of care, while they're popular among home cooks dipping their toes into the world of Japanese knives because of their superb sharpness.

This series from Tamahagane is made from VG5 stainless steel. Similar to its sibling, VG10, VG5 keeps a great edge but VG5 is more durable and easier to sharpen than other Japanese stainless steels. This makes it perfect for giving to folks who may be harder on their knives, or for use in a commercial kitchen where someone else might be borrowing your knife. The layered Micarta handle is both gorgeous and super durable.