Sakai Takayuki AUS8 INOX Yanagiba 300mm

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About the Shape -Yanagibas are long, thin, single-bevel knives ground and sharpened on one side. Translating to “willow’s leaf,” they’re graceful and elegant like their name suggests. Yanagibas are commonly used for slicing sashimi, but can also be used for carving other meats like roast beef and prime rib.

About Sakai Takayuki AUS8 INOX-

Sakai Takayuki is well-known as the largest knife maker in Sakai. The company hosts a number of blacksmiths and craftsmen who work together to create a huge array of knives. Although the Sakai region traditionally specializes in single-bevel blades, Sakai Takayuki makes many different shapes.
Knife Shape Yanagiba
Blade Length 300mm
Blade Height 36mm
Spine Thickness at Heel 4mm
Weight 214g
Steel Type AUS8 Stainless Steel
Rockwell Hardness 58-59
Edge/Bevel Single Bevel, Right hand bias
Handle Wa (Japanese) Handle, Right handed "D" style Magnolia wood with black plastic collar
Maker Sakai Takayuki
Knife Line Sakai Takayuki AUS8 INOX