Hado Sakai Sumi Ko-Bunka 135mm

About the Shape - The Ko Bunka is a smaller version of a Bunka. Any guesses on what “Ko” means in Japanese? You nailed it! It translates to “small.” This little knife is awesome because it still gives you knuckle clearance on the cutting board. Making sure you can mince garlic and comfortably chop veggies. A badass love child of the Bunka and Petty knife, it works for smaller jobs in the hand or as an all-purpose blade.

About Hado Sakai Sumi - Hado Sakai sources blades from the best knife makers in Sakai, and has them sharpened by their resident master-sharpener, Maruyama-san. Hado Sakai was the first maker in Sakai to bring carbon steel clad with stainless steel to Yoshikazu Tanaka-san, and now Tanaka-san loves it! He now forges with this steel for several different companies.

The Sumi series is a special collaboration between Knifewear and Hado Sakai. The blades are forged by Yoshikazu Tanaka with a kurouchi finish is unusual in Sakai, but we think it makes the knives extra snazzy. We also suggested they make a ko-bunka, and we think it rocks! This line cuts like a razor, looks stunningly rustic, and gets a Sakai knife in your kitchen at a very reasonable price.

Knife Shape Ko-Bunka
Blade Length 135mm
Blade Height 45mm
Spine Thickness at Heel 3mm
Weight 134g
Steel Type Shirogami #2(White carbon) Steel clad with Carbon Steel
Rockwell Hardness 61-63
Edge/Bevel Double (50/50)
Handle Wa (Japanese) Handle, Octagon Oak handle
Blacksmith Yoshikazu Tanaka
Maker Oul Sakai
outside mm
inside mm