Oul Sakai Sumi Bunka 180mm

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About the Shape - The Bunka is a bonafide badass, like a kitchen knife in a leather jacket. It is a multi-purpose knife akin to the Santoku. “Bunka” translates to “culture". This multi-purpose kitchen knife is great for dicing, slicing or mincing. Like a santoku, it's a cross between the nakiri and a gyuto, just a little more badass looking.

About Oul Sakai Sumi - Oul Sakai sources blades from the best knife makers in Sakai, and has them sharpened by their resident master-sharpener, Maruyama-san. Oul Sakai was the first maker in Sakai to bring carbon steel clad with stainless steel to Yoshikazu Tanaka-san, and now Tanaka-san loves it! He now forges with this steel for several different companies.

The Sumi series is a special collaboration between Knifewear and Oul Sakai. The blades are forged by Yoshikazu Tanaka with a kurouchi finish is unusual in Sakai, but we think it makes the knives extra snazzy. We also suggested they make a ko-bunka, and we think it rocks! This line cuts like a razor, looks stunningly rustic, and gets a Sakai knife in your kitchen at a very reasonable price.

Knife Shape Bunka
Blade Length 180mm
Blade Height 51mm
Spine Thickness at Heel 3mm
Weight 171g
Steel Type Shirogami #2(White carbon) Steel clad with Carbon Steel
Rockwell Hardness 61-63
Edge/Bevel Double (50/50)
Handle Wa (Japanese) Handle, Octagon Oak handle
Blacksmith Yoshikazu Tanaka
Maker Oul Sakai