Naniwa Chocera Stone 3000 210x70x25mm

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Chocera stones are the highest quality water stones from Naniwa. These stones are much harder than other stones, which prevents them from wearing out. Their hardness makes them more abrasive, so they take steel from the knives faster than any other type we have. When sharpening knives with these stones, I challenge you to keep from saying things like “Why, I never…”
You should not soak these stones in water before each use. A few splashes of water work perfectly. Chocera stones were originally invented for sharpening razors, so those who love razor sharp edge should use them.

For those seeking a silkier edge for their Western style knives, The Chocera 3000 grit makes an awesome finishing stone. If you’re sharpening Japanese steel, this stone makes a great “stepping stone” before going to finer grits.

All the Chocera stones come with a Nagura stone

DO NOT soak this stone. This stone only requires a splash of water while sharpening. Please wipe excess water off from the stone before storing.
Not following these directions can result in damaging your stone.

Care Instructions

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