Moritaka AS Kurouchi Lettuce Knife

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Knife Shape Lettuce knife
Blade Length Ask for more details
Steel Type Aogami Super (Super Blue Carbon)
Rockwell Hardness 63:64
Blacksmith/Maker Moritaka

About Moritaka Hamono: To talk about Moritaka knives is to talk about history. Moritaka Hamono was founded in 1293, which means the Moritaka family has been working as blacksmiths on the southern Kyushu for more than 720 years. Yes, every man in the family has been making knives for 27 generations.
The Moritakas forge-weld their own warikomi steel (triple laminated) rather than buying it pre-laminated from the factory, because they prefer to stick with traditional methods that are proven. Everything about their knives is rooted in tradition.