Knifewear Stone Starter Set

4.9 star rating 12 Reviews

Getting into sharpening? Or doing one of our classes? This kit is designed to get you started. With these stones you can sharpen most knives, and also keep your stones true, to maximise your efforts!


Knifewear 220 stone
This 220 Grit waterstone is the fastest coarse stones we’ve found. It removes steel efficiently and dishes slowly. You will still need to use a truing stonesafter every 2-4 knives sharpened, but it is minimal compared to other stones on the market.
Please soak for 20-30 minutes before use.

Knifewear 1000 stone
This is your Everything Stone. The one stone to rule them all. Every knife being resharpened touches this stone. Either this is the starting place or to be used after the 220 Grit stone. We recommend finishing most non-Japanese knives with this stone, but if you are the kind that wants to get an extra 20% out of everything you will want to take those Henckels to 4000 or 8000 and really have them sing.
Please soak for 20-30 minutes before use.

This is the stone that everyone must have eventually. The truing stone keeps sharpening stones flat. Once your stones dished up like a skateboard you can't sharpen any more. It is much easier to keep your stones flat than making them flat. We use a truing stone every few knives.