Knife Sharpening - Curbside Dropoff service

Contactless sharpening drop off is here! Here is how it works:

  1. Select the type of knife, either Japanese or European, and select your size.

  2. Add each knife that you need to have sharpened to the cart, individually.

  3. At checkout, select Pickup and select the store you want to get your knives sharpened at.

  4. You'll get an email with drop off instructions. All knives must be in a blade guard or newspaper. We cannot accept knives wrapped in materials that cannot be thrown out or sanitized.

  5. When they are ready, you'll get an email with pick up information. The estimated turnaround time is 72 hours from drop off,

If your knife is from us and has not been sharpened before, the first time is free. You can include it in the bundle with a note.

We Sharpen all makes and brands of knives, except for serrated (e.g., bread) or ceramic knives. We do not sharpen swords or other weapons. Read more about the techniques we use here. 

If your knife has been damaged, we can help! Repairs we perform include re-aligning the edge profile, fixing broken or bent tips, repairing chips in the blade, and re-attaching or replacing Japanese (wa) handles. Please allow extra time when dropping off your knife for a repair. 

Sharpening FAQs

What is the best way to transport my knives?

If you are bringing them into the shop, please bring them in something that can be easily sanitized, such as plastic edge guards. Newspaper works too, as we can dispose of it. Please don't bring them wrapped in towels, or anything that we cannot dispose of or sanitize easily.

How often do knives need re-sharpening?

This is an impossible question to answer. How hard do you strike thecutting board with each cut and what material are you cutting on? What type of steel is the knife made of? Are you a professional chef or a home cook? How addicted are you to extreme sharpness? How often is the knifebeing honed? And how is the knife stored? These are all factors that affect edge retention.

The best answer is once the knife stops performing as you like, then it’s time for sharpening. We believe in periodic knife maintenance just as most people believe in changing the oil in their car. If you don’t know how or couldn’t be bothered to sharpen knives yourself, then just bring it to us.