Haruyuki Kasumi Uchi Knife Set

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It is common to hear that a good chef's knife, say a sanotku or gyuto, will do 80% of the work needed in a kitchen, but consider this... Does Batman work alone? What about Luke Skywalker? Hell, even The Dude has Walter and Donnie.

Different knives have different jobs; big knives for big jobs and little knives for little jobs. Let us help you figure out a combination that works for you and save 10%. Not even Batman can do that.


Haruyuki Kasumi Uchi

These are a fantastic entry into beautiful high performance Japanese kitchen knives. Soon you will love cooking even more with this knife in hand. The name Kasumi-uchi means “Foggy-Hammered” as you can see on the side of the blade.

These are forged out of Aus-8 stainless steel that is harder than typical kitchen knife but not quite as hard as the higher precision knives from Japan. For you this means it will keep its edge longer but not be as brittle as some finer Japanese steels. As you use these knives you will learn that the fine edge requires less force when cutting, when you get used to using just enough force to cut through the food, you will be rewarded with an even longer lasting edge.

We like these knives for a few reasons, they look great, they have a familiar feel with the western style handle and the performance of the steel which is not too soft, not too hard. The hammered surface will break the surface tension allowing the knife to glide easily through the food as you slice and dice. It looks cool and it will make you a better Chef too.

The handle is made from Pakka wood, a durable material of wood that has been heat treated with resin. Looks like wood but way more durable. The edge has been finished by hand with a 50/50 bevel making it suitable for for most any kitchen task.

The Kanji on the knife blade 春幸reads – Haruyuki

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Steel Type AUS8 Stainless Steel
Rockwell Hardness 58:59
Handle Material Pakka wood with welded bolster

Care Instructions

Care for stainless steel knives

  • To maintain the edge, we recommend the usage of a Ceramic Honing Rod. Which can be purchased at 50% off with any knife purchase.
  • Wash and dry the blade by hand immediately after use. Dishwashers are very bad for all knives.
  • Use a soft cloth to wash the blade. Avoid abrasive dish scrubbers and powders as these can damage the finish of your beautiful knife.
  • Do not cut through bones. You can certainly cut along/beside bones, but do not cut into bones. This can, at worst, chip the blade.
  • Never use this knife to cut frozen food. I’m sure you have a 4×4 somewhere in your kitchen for this job.
  • Never twist, cleave or prise the blade.
  • Always use a wooden or plastic cutting board. Never cut on bamboo, glass, marble, slate, a plate, china, marble, arborite or anything harder than steel.
  • Store knives in a way that the blades will not knock into each other.
  • Never transport knives unprotected.

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