Finex Cast Iron 12 inch Skillet

The FINEX No. 12 Cast Iron Skillet was inspired by a time when a polished cast iron skillet was at the heart of every American kitchen but designed to meet the expectations of today’s cooks. Like the best antique skillets it has a polished ultra-smooth cook surface for minimal sticking and cleaning. Unlike your grandparents skillet the distinctive geometric shape is pouring friendly and the stainless steel spring handle cools down quickly.

Cast irons superior heat retention makes the 12” skillet a perfect searing machine for big steaks, chops or salmon. Deep walled for hearty portions and with a thick base to avoid hot spots this skillet gets hot and stays hot even with cold ingredients. A ribbed helper handle on the front lip makes lifting easier. Each one is made by hand to exacting standards from premium American cast iron, polished stainless steel and brass and then carefully hand seasoned the old-fashioned way with natural organic flax seed oil for years of delicious family meals.

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