Custom Handle Sakai Takayuki Homura Kogetsu by Itsuo Doi Petty 150mm -No. 2

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These one of a kind handles are made by a talented artisan who uses a wide variety of rare woods, resin, and other unique materials. We love these psychedelic knife handles so much that we put them on some of our favourite knives for the Garage Sale.

About the shape - This is the knife for smaller jobs that are done on a cutting board. Perfect for slicing shallots, cutting herbs, and boning smaller proteins. Additionally, Petty knives are an indispensable tool for those who feel uncomfortable wielding a larger chef knife.

About the Maker - Sakai Takayuki is well-known as the largest knife maker in Sakai. The company hosts a number of blacksmiths and craftsmen who work together to create a huge array of knives. The most famous blacksmith at the company is Itsuo Doi - they have built a factory for him to work in and produce his art. 

Ituso Doi-san is the son of a legendary blacksmith Keijiro Doi, who perfected the technique of forge-welding steel at the lowest temperature possible and passed it down to his son.This technique means that the carbon steel will not lose much of its carbon during the forge-welding process, which allows him to make a knife that is protected by soft steel, without sacrificing the hardness of the core steel.

Originally Doi-san specialized in single-bevel knives, but Sakai Takayuki (the knife brand that represents Doi-san) convinced him to make double-beveled knives which gave birth to the Homura series that we carry today.  Homura is an old way of saying flame or blaze. If you see the side of the knife, it has 焔 (Homura: flame) engraved on it.