Clay Bodies Nesting Sake Cups, Set of Two

What makes Clay Bodies’ sake cups so special? Well, often sake cups are sold in large sets for several people, especially in Canada. Alexa and Maggie want you to be able to share sake in an intimate setting with a loved one, so the’ve produced sets of two that nest together. We also love the idea of a sake cup that enhances your enjoyment by being a unique and beautiful item. 

  • Comes in nesting set of two.
  • Hand made in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

About Clay Bodies - Sisters Alexa and Maggie Murray started Clay Bodies near Knifewear’s birthplace of Inglewood (Calgary’s historical downtown) at Workshop Studios. Workshop is a space where folks can take classes, practice their craft and make use of industrial equipment that they wouldn’t normally have access to. Alexa and Maggie take an elegant, minimalist approach to their ceramics. The understated designs and natural colours wouldn’t be out of place in a traditional Japanese home. It’s no surprise then, that they make incredible sake cups.