Artisan Revere Nakiri Leather Saya

These leather sayas were specifically designed to fit a wide variety of nakiri knives. Not only is leather a gorgeous material worthy of protecting your blades, but it's easy to care for, durable, and has some advantages over wooden sayas.
If using this saya for carbon steel knife, we suggest lubricating the knife in blade oil to coat the interior of the saya and prevent rust.

The 4 key benefits of leather vs. wood
  1. The friction of a leather saya, when constructed correctly, holds the knife in place snugly.
  2. Leather is far gentler on knife edges.
  3. There's no saya pin, which frequently goes missing.
  4. Fits a broader array of knives within the given size range.
We suggest contacting us if you want to ensure this saya will fit your knife properly.

About Artisan Revere -  This Idaho-based team has over 2 decades of leather saya-making experience, always striving for perfection. They take serious pride in their hand-crafted products, with the goal of giving you the best-possible kitchen experience.