Arcos Mahogany Lacquer on Pine Wood “Jamonero” Ham Stand

Jamonera (Ham Stand)

A  Jamon, a beautifully cured leg of pig is an incredible touch at a party, and a crucial part of a good Tapas restaurant. The Ham Stand or “Jamonera” was invented to properly hold it is place, so it could be carved carefully and delicately my hand. A ham-slicing knife known as the “Cuchillo Jamonero” is another crucial tool for achieving paper-thin, textured sliced of the cured meat.

This stand is crafted from stained bamboo, which offers exceptional durability, sustainability and resistance to wear.

The placement of the ham in its support stand will depend on how you are going to consume the leg. If you are going to consume the entire leg at once, the hoof of the ham should be placed facing upwards, but if you are going to consume it over time the hoof should be placed facing downwards, so as to begin with the narrowest part of the ham which has the least amount of fat and therefore the first part of the leg to dry out.

Arcos Hermanos S.A.

The brand officially began in 1745 withJuan Arcos, who forged blades now found in the National Archeological Museum in Madrid. The craft continued through the family line untilGregoria Arcos Arocowho turned the small hand-forging shop into a fully mechanized production shop  for high-quality spanish blades in 1875. One hundred years down the road, his descendantGregorio Arcos Villanueva desired more and began the expansion of Arcos into the International brand that it is today. Through nearly 300 years of manufacturing, the family has never ceased their innovation.