Knife Handles

Generally, there are 2 types of handles. The Japanese style or “Wa” handle where a piece of wood is slid over the tang and glued on or, the Western style with the riveted handle on a full tang. In many cases the full tang is seen as a sign of quality of the knife itself. In our selection all knives are of top quality and the handle choice is one of preference.


Japanese handles are lighter making the overall feel of the knife lighter. They typically bring the balance point forward too. This usually is just above the heel of the blade so if you grip a knife by the blade as most chefs would you are holding it at the balance point. It is possible to remove the handle but this takes some effort. If this type of handle is damaged it is easy to replace. General wood care can be used to maintain the handle by occasionally rubbing it with a bee’s wax and mineral oil combo. Most of the time the oils from your hand while using the knife will take care of this. These feel different at first but many people become accustomed to using them quickly.


Western style handles and a full tang add to the overall weight of the knife. This can be a sturdier feel and pulls the balance point back towards the handle. Typically, these are shorter in length than a Japanese handle too. If a handle like this is damaged it requires more work to replace it.