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November 21, 2017

We use a lot of words at Knifewear. A lot of them aren't english. Here are some of our most commonly used Japanese words. This is an every growing list, so if you see something that is missing, contact us and we'll add it in!  TRANSLATION/DEFINITION WHY WE CARE Ao...

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Changing of the guard, Hiroshi Kato steps down - Yoshimi Kato steps up!

November 11, 2017

I have known Hiroshi Kato san for 10 years now and he is one the most respected blacksmiths in Japan. Beyond that, I consider him a friend and always enjoy the time we spend together. We’ve enjoyed great meals, big laughs and maybe a sake or two together. He has...

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Miyabi Knives Poetry Corner

November 02, 2017

And now for something a little bit different. Owen in our Edmonton shop, overcome with creativity after writing about his Top-5 Miyabi Knives, waxes poetic on their allure in the most appropriate form, the haiku...      Hark! Black Ash Suji!Your slender tip; very keenYou don’t tear my meat   •...

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Knifewear's 5 Favourite Miyabi Knives

October 31, 2017

Owen at the Edmonton shop is really into Miyabi knives, so we asked him what is top 5 are. Not only did he give us this in-depth report on what makes Miyabi so special, but he also put on his creative hat and illustrated his love of them through the...

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