Haruyuki Soba Knife Set

Build you own knife Haruyuki knife set. Get just the shapes and sizes you need.

Also grab a honing rod with your set for 50% and keep your knives razor sharp.

About Haruyuki Soba - These knives are the perfect gateway into Japanese knives and make a perfect gift. They look great, have a familiar feel because of the western style handle and the performance of the steel will blow you away. They feel rugged, yet agile and will make you a better cook!

These are forged out of ZA18, a stainless steel that is harder than your average kitchen knife but not quite as hard some of the carbon and high-tech steels of Japan. In normal speak, it will keep an incredible edge for a long time but is more durable than some higher-end knives. The handle is made from Pakkawood, a durable material made of wood that has been heat treated with resin. It looks like wood but is way more durable.