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Haruyuki Kuri

Haruyuki Kuri blades have a quintessential Japanese look, inspired by blades forged by the blacksmiths of past eras. Their look conjures images of Mt. Fuji and steaming Onsens. The Kuri line offers great looks combined with excellent performance and ruggedness. I reckon if you are giving a knife as a gift they had the best look awesome and be a bit more rugged than some of our very precise blades. For these reasons, this series is our top seller for wedding and Christmas gifts. Many chefs in the know buy Haruyuki Kuri for themselves because they’re great little workers and don’t break the bank.

These are forged out of AUS-10, stainless steel that is harder than your average kitchen knife but not quite as hard as some of the carbon and high-tech steels of Japan. In normal speak, it will keep an incredible edge for a long time but is more durable than some higher-end knives. As you get used to using one of these knives, you will find that the fine edge requires less force when cutting. Using less force translates into better edge retention over time. The handle is made from Morado, a wood used when durability is key. Flooring and cabinetry, for example. The edge has been sharpened by hand with a western-style 50/50 bevel making it suitable for almost any kitchen task.

The kanji on the knife blade “春幸” means “Haruyuki”.

Steel Type AUS-10 Stainless Steel with Stainless Steel Cladding
Rockwell Hardness 60–61
Brand Haruyuki
Handle Wa (Japanese) Handle - Round Morado Wood Handle with Blonde Pakkawood Collar