Bob Kramer

Bob Kramer spent ten years working in professional kitchens. During that time he noticed that chefs didn't know how to properly keep their knives sharp. Seeing a chance to improve their work lives he started sharpening knives on the side, promising them, “if I don’t make them better than new, you don’t have to pay.” Once he got into sharpening, Bob Kramer needed know more, leading him right to the root of his obsession: How do I learn to make great kitchen knives? That was 1994. Jump ahead a couple decades and Bob Kramer makes some of the most sought-after knives in the world, and has teamed up with Zwilling to design knives that we are very proud to carry

If you're unfamiliar with Bob Kramer’s work, or want to know more about the man, this video with Anthony Bourdian is a brilliant primer.

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