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Miyabi knives stand out as real art pieces in the manufactured knife world. Several years ago, the Zwilling company (Owner of Henckles), realized that high performance Japanese kitchen knives were taking over the international knife market. Like any savvy company, they did the practical thing; buy themselves two Japanese knife factories. One of these produces the beauties known as Miyabi. Miyabi knives are made in Seki City, a mecca for knife producers, and a perfect location for the Miyabi factory.

Miyabi really outdid themselves in terms of sexiness with their 600MCD series. A blade forged from ZDP189 steel is guaranteed to work exceptionally well. ZDP189 is known and revered as one of the hardest knife steels on the market, and anything harder tends to be too brittle and almost crumble when it hits a cutting board. These Miyabi blades sit on the dividing line of extreme hardness and durability. In this particular blade, the steel has been layered to create an effect known as “Damascus”, which not only looks beautiful, but also makes the knife better to cut with. An amazing 130 layers are present within these knives.  

The handle of these knives have a tang throughout which balances the knife perfectly between the blade and the handle, and creates a more robust feeling when cutting. Chefs are more used to this balanced feel, and many home cooks enjoy the satisfying weight between handle and blade. Accented with a mosaic pin, this handle stands out from the average “Western” style of knife handle.

Just the Facts

Steel Type ZDP189 Powder Stainless
Rockwell Hardness 65:66
Handle Material POM with welded bolster
Manufacturer Miyabi Zwilling