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Masashi Yamamoto started his workshop in 2013 after honing his trade alongside his older brother Kazuomi at Yoshikane Hamono; and despite his young age Masashi makes a beautifully polished, crazy sharp blade. He works entirely by himself and all of his knives are handmade. Polished to right before the mirror stage to help keep them from scratching up, his knives are hard-working and great for everyone who wants to look good while they impress the kitchen.

The core of the blade is made from a hard SLD steel, but is clad in softer stainless steel. The softer, stainless steel acts like a blanket and protects the harder steel from breaking or even shattering  - a truly genius way to make kitchen knives.

SLD steel was originally designed by Hitachi for cutting other steels. It contains 1.5% carbon for an HRC of 60-62, as well as 11-13% chromium for stain resistance. Translation? It holds an edge as long as a carbon steel, but it's stainless!

The handle is made of Japanese pagoda wood with a water buffalo horn collar and is shaped with a half octagon, half oval shape giving optimal comfort to the right and left handed alike. This shape is really very unique and makes this knife special. 

The Kanji on the knife blade 聖作 reads Masashi Saku.

Steel Type SLD Stainless Steel
Rockwell Hardness 60:62
Handle Material Pagoda wood handle with water buffalo horn collar
Blacksmith Masashi Yamamoto


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