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Hand forged with a VG10 stainless steel, Masakage’s Hikari (light/shiny) line may look a little “Plain Jane” to some, but we kinda see them as “classy”. The clean simple look of this line really catches the light and makes for happy cooking. Couple it with an oval rosewood and pakka handle and you get a pretty sweet looking little knife.

VG-10 has the highest recommendations in the production of knives by authorities, such as the British Steel Confederation, C.A.T.R.A and the Solingen Institute of Steel in Germany. It cuts awesome, stays sharp for a long time, and isn’t impossible to re-sharpen – unlike some other hard stainless steels.

“Iron is alive, it can live or die depending on the blacksmith.” – Serious words from a serious blacksmith. With over 50 years of blacksmithing under his belt, Katsushige Anryu doesn’t mess around. He’s always striving to make better knives to please the cook who is lucky enough to use them. After graduating in 1959 he started apprenticing under his father, in a family that has been forging knives since 1870. Awesome.

All Masakage Knives are handmade in Japan by blacksmiths chosen for their excellence. Shibata San, Hiroshima’s top knife sharpener, selects and design these knives. All Masakage knives are hand sharpened by Shibata San with his unique technique of using a different grit on each side of the blade. This gives a smooth, sharp edge that stays sharp longer than standard sharpening

Just the Facts

Steel Type VG10 Stainless Steel
Rockwell Hardness 60:62
Handle Shape Oval
Handle Material Rosewood handle with pakka wood collar
Blacksmith Katsushige Anryu


Just the Facts