Fujiwara Maboroshi Nakiri 150mm

This is my next knife.  I believe everyone needs a nakiri, but more importantly everyone needs a Fujiwara knife, so why not make it a 150mm nakiri? Nimble, lightweight and perfectly balanced, this is the veggie prep knife for everyone from mom to seasoned line cooks. The notch in the handle holds onto you as much as you hold onto it.  Know someone with arthritic hands? This knife will change their life. That is a promise.

About the shape 
A Nakiri is a vegetable knife. Under utilized in the Western kitchen, the Nakiri’s flat blade is meant for the push/pull chopping of vegetables. Since the entire flat edge of the knife kisses the cutting board at once, you wont be turning the vegetable into an accordion. Accordion vegetables are still connected like a paper doll after you're “done” cutting them. To truly understand the awesomeness of a Nakiri we recommend making onion soup your first night with the knife. The ease of chopping will blow you away.

Knife Shape Nakiri
Blade Length 150mm
Steel Type #1 Shirogami (white carbon) Steel clad with Stainless Steel
Rockwell Hardness 64:65
Handle Pakka wood with welded bolster
Blacksmith Teruyasu Fujiwara
Knife Line Fujiwara Maboroshi