Sugimori Petty 120mm HMCV-61DB

Sayaka-san is the first and only female blacksmith in Japan that we know of. It's great to see that the times are changing. She has been working with Tomoo-san for a few years now and is starting to use the spring hammer for hot forging. Most of the polishing, sharpening, and handle making is her responsibility lately. We’ve always been a fan of this paring knife for its versatility. It's the perfect size to use both in your hand and on a cutting board.

About the Shape - This is the knife for smaller jobs that are done on a cutting board. Perfect for slicing shallots, cutting herbs, and boning smaller proteins. Additionally, Petty knives are an indispensable tool for those who feel uncomfortable wielding a larger chef knife.

Knife Shape Petty
Blade Length 120mm
Blade Height 27mm
Weight 70g
Steel Type VG10 Stainless Steel
Rockwell Hardness 60:62
Handle Micarta with welded bolster
Edge/Bevel Double (50/50)
Tomoo-san / Sayaka-san
Knife Line Sugimori