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Knifewear Honing Rod Bundle - White and Black

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About the White Rod:
This white honing rod is super hard (9 on the Mohs Scale), and a little coarser. Perfect for maintaining blades that get a serious workout!  We love this white honing rod when sharpening because it does an awesome job of cleaning the burrs off an edge. The texture is roughly equivalent to 4000-6000 grit, slightly coarser than the black rod. 

About the Black Rod:
Roughly equivalent to an 8000 grit finishing stone, this black honing rod is perfect for maintaining a knife’s edge between sharpenings. 3-6 strokes on each side of the blade will keep it silky and awesome. Forget what you’ve seen from the TV chefs. You don't need a ton of pressure or speed. Just be precise and gentle. 
Any questions? Check out the GIF below to see how it's done!

Looking for the bonus round of Knifenerd level sharpness? Complete the trifecta by using the white rod, the black rod, and then the leather strop.

Overall Length 405mm
Rod Length 270mm

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