Naniwa Traditional Stone 2000 Blue 210x70x20mm

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For those seeking a silkier edge for their Western style knives, The Naniwa 2000 grit makes an excellent finishing stone. If you’re sharpening Japanese knives, this stone will reduce your sharpening time on finer grit stones. Moreover, it is a great “tuning” stone. If you’re knife isn’t really dull but you want to give it a sharper, silkier edge the 2000 is the perfect stone to start on. DO NOT soak this stone.

This stone only requires a splash of water while sharpening. Please wipe excess water off from the stone before storing.

Not following these directions can result in damaging your stone.

Stone Grit 2000
Stone Size 210x70x20mm
Manufacturer Naniwa
Stone Family Naniwa Traditional