Takamura Cromax Black Santoku 165mm

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About the shape - Santoku means 'Three Virtues' or 'To solve Three Problems'. The three virtues are meat, fish and vegetables, or slicing, dicing and mincing depending on your interpretation. This means that the Santoku is an all-around knife, suitable for the amateur home cook and the professional chef alike. The heigh means good clearance for big hands, while the relatively short blade can be wielded by anyone.

About Takamura Cromax - Takamura Hamono(blacksmith) can be found in Takefu Village (Echizen) in Fukui Prefecture. It is run by 3rd generation blacksmith Terukazu Takamura who inherited the shop from his father Toshiyuki Takamura San. With over 30 years of experience, his blades are known for an extremely refined and long-lived edge.

Knife Shape Santoku
Blade Length 165mm
Steel Type Cromax Semi-Stainless Steel
Rockwell Hardness 60:61
Handle Western handle, black Pakka
Blacksmith/Maker Terukazu Takamura