Masakage Kujira - By Price: Highest to Lowest

About Masakage Kujira - By Price: Highest to Lowest

Masakage Kujira (whale) knives are handmade with #2 Aogami carbon steel, then clad with hand folded Damascus steel.  Expert tempering & highly skilled hand forging provide stunningly silky edges which stay sharp for an extremely long time and are fairly easy to re-sharpen. The oval handles are made from Rosewood and have a Pakka wood collar with a stainless tang, which is a great improvement over traditionally made carbon knives which have a carbon tang. A stainless tang will never rust therefore the life of the handle will be increased by many years, but because the blade is not stainless it does require a bit more care. Keep the blade dry to avoid tarnish and if you ever see a bit of rust on the blade remove it immediately with a coarse dish scrubber and soapy water.

Born in 1942, Ken Kageura is a 25th generation blacksmith and has been making knives for over 50 years. Hailing from the city of Yusuhara on Shikoku Island, his methods are super cool, old school and modern all at the same time. The Suminagashi outer steel of his knives are made by re-forging scrap iron like saw blades, sickles, knives and hammers. He heats two or three of these objects together and pound them into one piece of steel before he begins the folding process. This method produces the awesome pattern you see on the blade and this look should become more pronounced as the knife is used since the steels will oxidize at different rates. They're also made exclusively for Knifewear!

All Masakage Knives are handmade in Japan by blacksmiths chosen for their excellence. Shibata San,Hiroshima’s top knife sharpener, selects and design these knives. All Masakage knives are hand sharpened by Shibata San with his unique technique of using a different grit on each side of the blade. This gives a smooth, sharp edge that stays sharp longer than standard sharpening.

Steel Type #2 Aogami (Blue carbon) Steel
Rockwell Hardness 62:64
Handle Shape Oval
Handle Material Rosewood handle with pakka wood collar

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