Kurosaki Sasame - By Price: Highest to Lowest

About Kurosaki Sasame - By Price: Highest to Lowest

These bad boys are the latest masterpieces by Kurosaki San. We’re really excited about the new Cobalt Special steel as it’s super stainless, has excellent edge retention, and isn’t too brittle. These knives seem to outperform even VG-10. Thanks to Kurosaki’s top notch handiwork, they also cut like magic. Everybody in our stores has a new knife-crush.

Yu Kurosaki works in Takefu Knife Village where he apprenticed with Hiroshi Kato. Kato San taught him well, and now he’s considered a master himself. The Masakage Shimo, Masakage Kurosaki Koishi and now the Sasame are all staff and customer favourites thanks to their great looks, feel, and precision cutting.

These knives are fitted with an octagonal Rosewood handle. This handle shape means it’s comfortable for both righties and lefties. Rosewood is also a very dense, sturdy wood to use for handles. It doesn’t discolour as easily as some other woods. That being said, rosewood still doesn’t like being soaked in water or going through the dishwasher.

Steel Type Cobalt Special Steel
Rockwell Hardness 61:62
Handle Shape Octagon
Handle Material Rosewood handle with pakka wood collar
Blacksmith Yu Kurosaki

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