Yu Kurosaki Sasame Nakiri 165mm

Big on veggies? This super sexy, super light Yu Kurosaki Sasame Nakiri 165mm is the knife for you. 

About the shape 
A Nakiri is a vegetable knife. Under utilized in the Western kitchen, the Nakiri’s flat blade is meant for the push/pull chopping of vegetables. Since the entire flat edge of the knife kisses the cutting board at once, you wont be turning the vegetable into an accordion. Accordion vegetables are still connected like a paper doll after you're “done” cutting them. To truly understand the awesomeness of a Nakiri we recommend making onion soup your first night with the knife. The ease of chopping will blow you away.

Blade Shape Nakiri
Blade Length 165mm
Blade Height 50mm
Weight 146g
Steel Type Cobalt Special Steel
Rockwell Hardness 61:62
Handle Wa (Japanese) Handle, Octagon Cherry with pakka wood collar
Blacksmith Yu Kurosaki
Knife line Kurosaki Sasame