Mugen AS

Knifewear Exclusive

Mugen knives are exclusive to Knifewear and the Holy Grail of kitchen knives, in my opinion. These knives are made with what most consider to be the best carbon steel available: Aogami Super, or Super Blue Carbon Steel. It is hardened to an awesome 63:64 rockwell, meaning it stays sharp for a long time. It also sharpens very easily considering its sharpness. Best of both worlds, truly. Multiple layers of “suminigashi” stainless steel give this knife its gorgeous look.

Made for Knifewear in Seki, Japan, these knives are the benefactors of 700 years of sword-making traditions. It was supposed to be impossible to manufacture a knife with a carbon steel core that’s clad with stainless Damascus steel, but the gentlemen at Mugen know how to make it happen. This knife started as a dream of mine, and now it's a reality!

As the cutting edge is carbon steel, you do have to be careful to clean and dry the blade as soon as you finish using it. In exchange for this extra care, you get a knife that cuts like a laser, stays sharp for a long time, and is easy to sharpen. These knives are some of the best performing knives I've ever seen; super sharp, incredible edge retention, and surprisingly strong. 

The expertly crafted ergonomic handle made of mahogany Pakka wood gives perfect hold and balance. Your hand will not get tired after hours of chopping and dicing.

Mugen translates to “infinity” in Japanese. Usually Mugen writes無限, but we chose夢限, which means “unlimited dream,” instead. 

Steel Type
Aogami Super with Stainless Steel Cladding
Rockwell Hardness 63:64
Handle Material Pakka Wood