Masakage Sujihiki Saya

This Saya is designed to fit all wa-handled Masakage Sujihikis 270-300mm. It may fit other knives, please enquire to find out if it'll fit the knife you're looking to get a saya for.

Here is a table of knives that fit this saya (And some that don't!).

Masakage Kiri Petty Sujihiki 270-300mm

Masakage Kumo Sujihiki 270-300mm
Masakage Koishi Sujihiki 270-300mm

Masakage Shimo Sujihiki 270-300mm

Masakage Mizu Sujihiki 270-300mm

Masakage Yuki Sujihiki 270-300mm

Masakage Zero Sujihiki 270-300mm (Fits knife, except pin hole is covered)