Masakage Petty 120-135mm Saya

This Saya is designed to fit all wa-handled Masakage Pettys 120-135mm. It may fit other knives, please enquire to find out if it'll fit the knife you're looking to get a saya for.

Here is a table of knives that fit this saya (And some that don't!).

We suggest ordering the knife and saya together, so we can check the fit. Please be aware that if you order the saya after the knife, it may not be a perfect fit.

Masakage Kiri Petty 120-135mm

Masakage Kumo Petty 120-135mm
Masakage Koishi Petty 120-135mm

Masakage Shimo Petty 120-135mm

Masakage Mizu Petty 120-135mm

Masakage Yuki Petty 120-135mm

Masakage Zero Petty 120-135mm (Fits knife, except pin hole is covered)