Masakage Koishi AS Kurosaki Edition (Masakage Sale Exclusive)

About Masakage Koishi AS Kurosaki Edition (Masakage Sale Exclusive)

Masakage's Koishi (pebbles) line are hand forged with Aogami Super. Aogami Super is like the king of steels - super easy to sharpen, takes a brilliantly sharp edge, cuts like silk and is very rugged for it’s hardness - It's called super for a reason. They are then clad in a softer stainless steel to help lower any maintenance issues (possible rusting). Brilliant!

The tsuchime (hammered) and polished finish give the impression of river pebbles. Paired with the stunning rosewood oval handle with black pakka wood collar, the overall balance and feel is what chefs desire. Did we mention they're super?

Yu Kurosaki San began his blacksmith work in 2002 when he started working in Kanehiro-Uchi-Hamono. He claims he was not a natural blacksmith from the beginning and wanted to quit many times, but after selling his first blade to a more than satisfied customer, his confidence shot up, as well as his drive to continue making great knives for happy cooks. Needless to say, we’re VERY happy he didn’t give in to doubt.

All Masakage Knives are handmade in Japan by blacksmiths chosen for their excellence. Shibata San, Hiroshima’s top knife sharpener, selects and design these knives. All Masakage knives are hand sharpened by Shibata San with his unique technique of using a different grit on each side of the blade. This gives a smooth, sharp edge that stays sharp longer than standard sharpening.

Just the Facts

Steel Type Aogami Super (Super Blue carbon) Steel clad with Stainless Steel
Rockwell Hardness 63:64 
Handle Shape Oval
Handle Material Rosewood handle with Pakka wood collar


Just the Facts