Medium Konro Yakitori Grill - KGBQ-8WF

The most popular size of konro grill we sell is the medium yakitori. It is the right length for western meals like like ribs or a side of salmon but still narrow enough for easy grilling of skewers. Overall it’s fairly light and, made more portable with handles on each end, easy to take to a park for a picnic table feast. Feeds 4-7 people.

About Konro Grills 
The Japanese word “konro” indicates any heat source used for cooking. A konro barbecue is a special kind of Japanese grill that is generally long and narrow enough that the yakitori skewers can rest on the walls of the box and not fall into the coals below. There are also wider versions to accommodate larger pieces of meat, like a ribeye steak. Konro Grills are also often paired with Binchotan charcoal, which you can read about here.

Height 21cm
Width 23cm
Length 54cm
Model Number KGBQ-8WF
  • This grill is $273 in store. Due to the size and weight of these grills we factor a $65 shipping cost into the purchase price.
  • All Konro orders are shipping with UPS in Canada and DHL in USA.

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